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The kind of momentum, for any company, where every idea is a great idea and everything you touch turns to success is created by focused intensity over time multiplied by God. Oftentimes though we are easily tripped up by distractions (greed, fear, intensity) that detract from our focus. While we discuss the ingredients it takes to create momentum and the perfect marketing stew (our consistent message across all platforms) for your business. We’ll talk about the pitfalls so many tend to trip into along the way along with the tools you need to avoid them.


Momentum Theorem

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Rich Roll Podcast Eps 490: Chadd Wright, Don’t Give Pain A Voice

Steve Bousquet : How to Grow Giant Pumpkins, Eps 9

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

Dave Ramsey DISC assessment test

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