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From humble beginnings, Janilson Bie left Brazil, moved to America, and began living the American dream to find out that it takes more than just the “wont to” to make it. It takes hard work. In this episode, Sid and Keith talk with Janilison about what it takes to grow a business, what marketing looks like with no money, and how you must embrace the suck and give blood, sweat, and tears to make anything grow. We also talk about funding passion projects that become profitable and how to manage setbacks and hardships and move through them. You know we can’t get out of the interview without talking about: fighting, jiujitsu, and competition. So sit back and enjoy hearing Janilson’s inspiring story.

Janilson Bie | Social

Outdoor Creative Concept

Gulf Breeze Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Checkmat Daphne

Crossfit at Belforest

Chico Mendes | Overlap Podcast Interview | Social

Paulo “Mushu” Elsimaani | Social

 Alessandro Nagaishi | Social

Gilson Nunes | Social

Acai Bowls Tropical Fusion

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