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Tim believes that the key to a fulfilled life begins with a healthy mindset.

For more than 30 years Tim has trained and developed individuals and teams in the realm of human behavior and personal development. His deep understanding of how people think, feel, and behave gives him the constructive insights he needs into what may be preventing an individual from reaching their full potential.

Tim has proven experience and results in organizations consisting of up to 5,000 people in multiple locations. This has also given him an impressive edge in coaching leaders in how to effectively build and lead large staffs.

Tim is a specialist in organizational culture and health. In addition, he has mentored CEOs and presidents of corporations where it relates directly to individual and organizational health and development.

Tim has had plenty of exciting opportunities to instruct leadership training programs throughout United States and around the world. Whether it’s for a start-up business, or a large organization, Tim’s message always rings clear: “To get what you’ve never had, you’ll have to do that you’ve never done.”

Defy Your Limitations

Tim Gautreaux




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