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This week, our hosts Sid and Keith spend some time talking about seasonal transitions, as we find ourselves shifting over from summer into fall (or, here on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, summer into still kind of summer for another month) and how to take advantage of what a new season has to offer us.

 For a lot of business owners (especially a landscape wizard like Sid), this particular seasonal change is one that makes things slow-down, which gives out time to focus and set sights on what goals you want for the coming year and how to achieve them. While everyone knows the old adage “Practice makes perfect,” our hosts break down why that idiom is actually a lie and tell you why the principle of evaluated experience is more applicable to you and your business. And if fall isn’t your slow-down season, just write down what the boys are saying here and save it for that time of your year – unlike the leaves on most of the trees right now, their advice is evergreen.

So, make like the temperatures now – drop down and check out this week’s episode.

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