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We can all agree that “3” is a powerful number, right? The Holy Trinity. The Triple Crown. The Three Stooges.

Well, this week’s episode of The Overlap marks our entrance into our third year as a podcast, so we’re pulling out all the stops to celebrate this milestone by … bringing you the same reliable, relevant content for you and your business from our boys Sid and Keith that we’ve been bringing since Episode One because we’re gonna dance with the gal what brung us.

An especially timely episode this week, as our boys talk about an issue many of us are facing as the calendar has hit a new year – remembering to not write “2022” in the date line of checks… well, that and something far more important – Overcoming Obstacles. We all come up with our “New Year, New Me” goals, but we don’t think about the hurdles and struggles we’ll have to duck, bob, and weave our way through to get to where we’re going. But, Sid and Keith will help get us there, complete with their own life experiences and wisdom that will no doubt be the Contra Cheat Code to beat your life’s big bad boss more easily and for good.

So, tune in, turn it up and take notes – and thank you to all of you wonderful friends of the show who helped us reach this terrific trilogy of a milestone. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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