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This week on Episode 137 of The Overlap Podcast, Sid and Keith dive into the power of a simple yet profound act: saying you’re sorry.

Sometimes in life, we need our great musical artists to help give us the motivation and words we need to take action in our own lives – is now one of those times? Well… with this week’s problem we will try to tackle on The Overlap podcast, it’s a bit tricky – a problem that made Cher try to turn back time, had Elton John finding it hard to find the words, forced The Monkees into playing the blame game and caused Prince to confess to never meaning to cause us any sorrow. And if the likes of those musical giants can’t solve this issue, what chance have our boys Sid and Keith at it?

The great Timbaland would say “It’s too late to apologize,” but when it comes to you and your business, being able to just say that you’re sorry is the direct, steadfast approach that will almost always save the day. Whether it is building back a relationship, getting a project back on track or just for your own personal peace of mind, pulling a Brenda Lee and just saying “I’m sorry … so sorry” is probably going to be the best way to go.

We’d tell you more here, but … we’re sorry … you’re going to have to listen to this week’s episode of The Overlap Podcast to get our best advice on the amazing aspects of the art of apologizing.

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