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Be blessed by this week’s episode of The Overlap Podcast as our hosts, Sid and Keith, sit down with Brother Blake Stanley, Executive Pastor of Operations at 3Circle Church. One of the fastest growing churches in Southwest Alabama, 3 Circle has campuses in Fairhope, Daphne, Mobile and Thomasville – and Blake oversees a choir of duties that include finances, mutisite strategy and leadership development – all topics worth hearing some heavenly advice on even if you aren’t a follower or leader of a church flock.

Blake’s areas of expertise center around creating and implementing simple systems for management that actually work and to do his best to spur new employees into becoming confident leaders. To him, business is simply a matter of stewardship (fitting for a man of the cloth) – placing the people and resources in the direction of the large-picture version of what the organization is or can be.

Of course, as we learn from Pastor Blake’s sermon on stewardship and strategizing, what your organization is and the vision of what it could be are parts of a lifelong journey. The vision is the final destination and our day-to-day operations in our vocation, be it a church or your business, are the vehicle that will take you to where you want to be. Key components like values and standards will be necessary to help you find the right fit for the passengers (your team of employees) that will join you on this trek. But, don’t take our word for it – Pastor Blake’s How-To Homily is much better heard from him, not read here.

So find a seat in the pew of your choice (back row for you Southern Baptists – we know it’s doctrinal) and get ready to hear the good word on generating glad tidings of great joy and growth for you and your business. Let the listeners say “Amen!” (And, we promise, we won’t pass the offering plate for this week’s episode – but if the Spirit moves you to send a love donation, move with the Spirit!)

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