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And, so, it’s come to this – the day we know you’ve all been waiting for…

You’ve heard about him almost every week on this podcast – the man, the myth, the legend (in his own mind): Scott Miller.

Our hosts Sid and Keith sit down with their “man crush” Scott, who is the owner of Signature Training Studios and co-owner of RX-SportFit, and you can feel the “bro-mance” throughout the entire show. Miller is originally from Michigan and has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, which is where he began his journey in continuing to help people change their lives through living a healthier, better lifestyle.

He started in this business by doing personal training at several different gyms, dreaming of the day when he might possibly be able to open his own gym. And with some luck and divine intervention through a story best told by Scott (yeah, you really need to listen and hear him tell it himself … we’re not going to tell you here #NoSpoilers), he now has a studio that is growing and getting stronger each and every day – just like his many clients.

Prepare yourself to listen to the boys get personal this week, as our own Keith tells his personal story of how Scott literally helped save his life after years of unhealthy living and a heart attack scare (Again, we’re not giving you more than that here – just stop reading this and turn on the podcast. You know you want to know. #StillNoSpoilers).

Our boys and Scott will guide you through the map of the journey of fitness – the ups, the downs, the pitfalls, the trials, tribulations, and, yes, even the much-hated burpees of it all… with plenty of helpful tips and advice to inspire and spur you to either start your own sojourn of strength or continue onward in your hike of health. Scott isn’t just a great fitness coach – he’s an amazing life coach and you won’t want to miss his clever counsel on factors like finding and creating a great community, nutrition and everything else you want to know.

Lace up your running shoes, chalk up your hands and get ready to get pumped up by this week’s episode – it’s definitely our “One Rep Max” of episodes, so don’t miss out.


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