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Are you on pins and needles about your online presence and how best to present yourself and your business? Are you distraught about how best to distinguish your digital brand? Are you plagued by a pandemic of poor marketing decisions on your social media platforms? Worry not, dear friends – on this week’s Overlap Life Podcast, our boys Sid and Keith are here to help you stop harming yourself, your business and your brand on them worldwide internet tubes…

More than ever before, social media allows our businesses to be able to market directly to customers in a way that has never been seen before, but so many of us are sending out mixed social media signals and mangled, messy messages – in a world that is requiring clear communications and solid, immediate understanding of who we are and what we do as a business or professional. Our boys have got our backs, though, as they take us through Donald Miller’s book “Building a Story Brand,” a terrific tome to tout and teach from that we know will lead to tremendous turnaround for your social media marketing.

Now, we remain staunch members of #TeamNoSpoilers , but Miller’s Seven Frameworks that Sid and Keith will take us through will change your life in a positive and immediate way – like a tent revival preacher bringing you that good gospel fire outside your grandmother’s little country church (Unlike the tent revival, there’s no fried chicken waiting for us after the episode – we tried, but it just didn’t scan or upload well… and, sidenote, anyone who knows how to get fried chicken out of a scanner, leave us some tips in the comments, please… I don’t want to get fired).

Listen and learn about who the hero of your business should be for you to reach the highest of heights – this week’s episode is one for the ages.

(And, seriously, please, if you are reading this, help us with this fried chicken in the scanner problem – it’s starting to billow smoke now. Keith will literally murder me if he sees this … and, yeah, in hindsight, probably shouldn’t have added some potato salad in with it, too…)

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