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Last week, you heard the book review; this week, our boys Sid Sexton and Keith Glines sit for a spell with self-described “serial entrepreneur” C.J Ezell of PointClear Networks and CrossBay Digital Marketing to talk about how he implemented and integrated Donald Miller’s “Building a Story Brand” into his companies – you literally can’t afford to miss the practical applications for your business life that you’ll get from this week’s show.

Ezell has founded, owned and even sold several businesses in and around Coastal Alabama for over 20 years and his companies’ impacts have reached across the U.S. and Canada. He has also gone the extra mile for his new role in assisting other people in launching their small business dreams by becoming a certified Story Brand guide, using the tenets from “Building a Story Brand,” which our boys talked about in our last episode – synergy, baby! Woooooo! (Think Ric Flair on that one)

C.J. and our boys teach and talk on marketing mistakes made by many in their push to find that Holy Grail of the “one-time fix silver bullet” marketing strategy for all that ails your business, which #SpoilerAlert doesn’t exist and won’t work well. Moving out your marketing campaign is one of the final steps – you’ve got to know who you are, what you’re doing and where you want to go before you can even begin to market to your customers. Instead of treating marketing like some sort of dark, mystical magic or a lucky roll of the dice, listen to what our experts have to say on the subject that will change the life of you and your business (you really ought to know by now that we aren’t going to give you every little gobbet here – you’ve got to listen for that good good).

From selling products to the ever-important shifting of paradigms (gun to my head, couldn’t tell you if paradigm shifts are good or bad .. maybe both or neither … listen and write us to let me know), the concept of Story Brand Marketing brings home that killer key point that is vital information for your everyday life: your business in not the hero of the story – your customer is. Your business – well, you’re Merlin … or Glinda the Good Witch … or Gandalf … or Morpheus … or Yoda … you’re the mentor archetype that has all the answers and attempts to guide them along their journey, whether it be to destroy the Death Star, become the one true king of all England, or … buy some slacks. It’s all the same.

So, get ready for an adventure of auditory amazement in our epic sequel episode: Building a Story Brand, Part II: Electric Boogaloo (if anyone actually gets that reference, I’ll bake you a cookie)




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