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Happy New Year, friends and fans! (Since it’s late January, are we still allowed to say that? Write us in the comments and let us know – we remain on the fence)

Looking for help with your #NewYearNewMe resolutions and plans? Not to worry – our boys Sid and Keith have got you covered this week, as they discuss a forever favorite topic for them that will be as helpful to you here in January as it will be come the depths of December – goal setting.

We all start the year with the best of intentions – losing that extra 15 pounds, vowing to work out more, eating healthier, learning a new skill, or growing our business – but as studies and social media show us, a lot of us don’t end up making those good-intentioned goals because we can’t scratch our way out of the surface level desires we have to achieve said goals. What did we miss? Our boys know the answer because they’ve been down this hole before and know how to get out – we probably failed to set a strategy. And, because of that, we get stuck in the same old rut we’ve come to know and expect out of life, complete with the worn-out, indented part of the sofa where we sit to watch our stories on the TV and eat pints of ice cream (that may just be me, to be honest. Ben and Jerry are constant companions and confidants). But, don’t fret or fear fumbling – our hosts have hordes of helpful hints that will heal us, help us and hasten our hunt for health and happiness.

The true thesis for this week – if you take nothing else from this brilliant broadcast – goals aren’t wishes, so just doing a vision board, asking the universe for abundance or sacrificing small livestock in a ceremonial pyre isn’t going to get you where you want to go. You have to be willing to answer the hard questions, dig deep within yourself and figure out a realistic way to achieve your aims (and check with your home owners association about whether you are allowed to have ceremonial fire pyres in your yard; if they won’t let you have a decorative mailbox or fly your football team’s flag, they probably don’t want you sacrificing a goat … just a hunch). A goal is a strategic plan, not a simple desire. We must begin to ask deeper, more specific questions that force ourselves to figure out how we are going to actually accomplish that goal.

And this advice is evergreen for both personal and business goals. You can be killing it in the business world but have a Hindenberg disaster of a personal life because you’ve focused too much on building the business. Sid and Keith are here for you again, giving you that audial good good to live the life you long for but lack.

Building a better you is the name of the game for this week’s Overlap Podcast, so tune in and turn it up – you won’t want to miss a minute of the delightful discourse and discussion. #NewYearNewYou #SameOldSidAndKeith.

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