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We’ve gotten your emails. We’ve received your texts. We’ve taken your calls. We … have blocked a few of your numbers – some of y’all need therapy, not a business podcast.

But, we’ve heard the message loud and clear – y’all wanted more on the ancient art of goal setting, and who are we to deny the people what they want? Our boys Sid and Keith are giving you more, more, more (shoutout and apologies to the Andrea True Connection) this week with helpful hints and interesting insights about why we set goals. And they’ll dive into the gritty truth about the true goal of setting goals – leadership, as we set goals because we are attempting to lead ourselves or others to aspire to and get to something better.

We know what you’re thinking – “But, guys, I don’t consider myself a leader.” Hogwash and poppycock, we say. Everyone can be and is a leader, whether you’re in charge of 2,000 people or you’re just in charge of yourself, you already make decisions and take actions that have an effect – you just aren’t framing your worldview in such a way as to let you see the leader in you. Leadership is more than just a position – it’s a state of mind that uses influence to create change, motivate movement and determine decisions.

But you may ask yourself – “Self, what kind of leader am I?” Per the usual, our boys have got your back, giving you the bare bones breakdown of the types of leaders: the good, the bad and the ugly (Gotta love that Ennio Morricone score, right? Wah wah wah)

The Bad: the laissez-faire leader (that’s “hands-off” for you non-Francophones … and, for Keith, Francophones means people who understand French), which has the upside of minimal interference with the obvious reactionary downside of not enough positive involvement (Case in point, Keith letting me write these podcast notes means I mock him openly in the parentheticals that he won’t see until this is posted).

The Ugly: the micromanaging leader, who operates out of fear and loathing of their employees and has more paranoia than Richard Nixon after a half a bottle of booze – they may know everything going on within the organization to even the tiniest degree, but that leaves them no time to make goals and chart direction.

The Good: the Servant Leader (not like Mr. Belvedere, unfortunately) and the Extreme Ownership Leader, which … (You know what. No. You have to listen to learn about these. If you want to know how to actually lead with purpose and precision, you’re going to have to tune in. The cheat sheet ends here people.)

Learn to liberate the leader in you and make those goals go golden in this week’s episode of the Overlap Podcast.

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