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To quote every soccer game announcer ever – “GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!”

Detecting a theme yet? If not, you may need to work on both listening and reading comprehension skills. No judgement – we all need help from time to time.

This week, our boys Sid and Keith sit down with their personal sensei, the sensational Scott Miller, and talk about one of the most important goals you can set for yourself – health goals. Now, we know you’ve heard Scott (and about Scott) several times before on this podcast, but we keep bringing him back because he’s a gentle guru of holistic health hints. If he can get Keith healthy, clearly the man has magical powers. (Plus, Sid’s wife said our boys talked over him way too much in the last episode he guested on, so … happy wife, happy life, folks)

Now that we’ve reached the mid-Februaries, those #NewYearNewMe Health Goals may have slowed or hit the wall completely … and they didn’t break through like Kool Aid Man, did they? Not to fret – our Sultan of Strength Scott will speak on how to break down how to set real health goals and dispel the many myths surrounding commonly held health views that actually hold back more than they help. (Spoiler: everyone needs a coach. Even Ditka. Even Phil Jackson. Even Craig T. Nelson.) Action plans and accountability also abound, so be attentive, alert and able to take notes.

Also a necessity – find a gym. No meaningful health journey ever actually started with a Nordictrack and a home gym (or whatever the modern Nordictrack is … the bike thing with the video. Or that weird talking mirror thing. Hard pass.). Creating a home gym in your basement is the easiest way to tell the world you don’t actually give a damn about your health or making a change. Don’t believe us? Go check Facebook Marketplace for used home gym equipment … seriously, go do it. We’ll wait … … … (Plays instrumental version of Air Supply’s “All Out of Love”) … … … See what we mean? (But, for real, don’t meet up with the guy with the Shake Weight post. We got a bad vibe off that one.)

You’ve got the coach. You’ve got a gym. Now, because of the Rule of Threes, you have to have? No one? Bueller? Fine, we’ll tell you – it’s community. (Actual community, not the beloved NBC Dan Harmon helmed sitcom, though it is also necessary and vital*). By getting that coach, by actually going to that gym – you become a part of a community of people banded together by a shared need of bettering yourselves and one another – “one equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield” (I’m sure our boys would quote Tennyson if they’d thought about it). That created community is crucial to the creation and continuation of your health goals and your health in general. You need that gym fam to spur you on, raise you up, lift your spirits and guide your gains, be they physical, mental, spiritual or all of the above – these are the people you’re going to grow to love (or at least tolerate … looking at you, Madame Sexton).

But, to Mr. and Mrs. America and All the Ships at Sea**, that’s it for this week’s show notes. No more #Spoilers for all of you; you’ll actually have to listen to get the rest of this week’s amazing anecdotes and applicable advice – because I’m tired and an episode of “Murder She Sat Down and She Wrote” just came on and who can resist Angie Lansbury? See y’all next week.

*The views expressed in this parenthetical are not the express views of the Overlap’s Podcast or our boys Sid and Keith. They grant me wide latitude with writing these shownotes and I am beginning to genuinely believe that they may not actually read them. Despite that, I’ve yet to include any major swear words or inflammatory statements, though one is tempted to try to get a fatwa declared by making mildly blasphemous statements about the Ayatollah or something. But, for real, Community is a great show … for the first four seasons. After that, if the Spirit moves you, move with the Spirit.

**If anyone actually gets this reference without Googling it, find me and receive $3.50 if you’re right.




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