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(Cue EGOT Winner Marvin Hamlisch plunking away slowly in C Major at a piano, even though Babs wanted the song in a minor key. Nobody puts Hamlisch in a minor third.)

“Memories… light the corners of my mind. Misty, watercolor memories… of the way… we were…”

No, we’re not talking to Barbra this week. Sorry to disappoint.

But, now that you’ve already been floored by the lack of Streisand, have “No More Tears” and rejoice in the meaning behind the weird symbolism attempted above – we have to admit we’re “Guilty” as we’ve got a clip show this week, you lucky “People.” (How many Streisand songs can we reference here? You don’t want to take the under on that bet, friendo.)

This week, we “Send in the Clowns,” our boys Sid and Keith, as we do a deep dive back to Episodes 6 through 10 and grab the best gobbets of wisdom from them because … let’s be real, the helpful hints found therein are “Evergreen.”

Our boys begin with looking back at their chat in Episode 6 with Justin Koen on how best to get buy-in from your employees. Given the Era of Economic Uncertainty we currently find ourselves in, that could be wonderful wisdom to have if you don’t want your current, great employees to just be a “Memory.”

Episode 7, our boys wax poetic and ask themselves “What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life,” dropping knowledge bombs about how to create the life you want. Since we’re #TeamNo Spoilers, you’ll have to actually listen to get these fun facts or you’ll be “Left in the Dark.”

Episode 8, it’s our old friend Mike Michalowicz and the Pumpkin Plan, where you go from “Just Leave Everything to Me” mode and learn how to take a business from the launch phase to soaring way up there in “A Piece of Sky.” Don’t get caught in the cycle of “Sell It, Do It, Sell It, Do It” (That’s not a Streisand song – just a quote from the episode. Bet it would be a bop, though) – listen and learn how to make your business “The Best Thing You’ve Ever Done.”

Episode 9, we get to talk to a mentor of Sid’s, Steve Bousquet, and gab about how “Being Good Isn’t Good Enough” – you have to be open, honest and real with your employees or you’ll be watching them go, quietly saying to yourself “I Won’t Last a Day Without You.”

And, finally, Episode 10 – Are you still with us? “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” (You knew Yentl was coming) … it’s “The Second Time Around” for more awesome approaches for actualizing employee buy-in. Again, no more clues here, but trust us when we say the tips and tricks we’ve got here ain’t no “Second Hand Rose.”

We know some of you may not love a clip show, but we say “Don’t Rain On My Parade” because “Happy Days Are Here Again.” So, “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” and enjoy this week’s entertaining episode.

(20, for those of you who don’t want to count them up. But, “Don’t Lie To Me,” was it a bit much? … 21.)


Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

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