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(Cue the creepy “Do do do do – Do do do do” guitar music and a black and white Rod Serling-esque man steps into frame)

Imagine if you will going to work at your typical office job – cubicle, creaky office chair that’s seen better days, photos of your generic family and your 2.5 kids, desk ficus, a Dilbert comic strip or two posted on the wall of the break room … the usual. Everything seems like it will just be another normal, uneventful day until the calendar alert tone rings on the phone. With increasing dread, you look down to see the five worst words in the English language staring back in your face: Company Meeting in five minutes. Chaos, confusion, frustration – every negative emotion starts coursing through your entire being, bubbling through your blood. Because, now, you find yourself in that place no one wants to ever be found – the Meeting that Should Have Been a Simple Email Zone.

(Bongo drums outro)

So, can you guess this week’s topic? Maybe? You’re astute people; we’re sure you’ve got this.

Our boys Sid and Keith take a trip of self-examination and rumination this week to discuss EOS, the Greek goddess of the dawn … wait, wrong EOS … EOS, the amazing 3-D printing company … nope, not that one … (shuffle papers) … EOS, the people that make the lip balm that comes in the little pink egg thing? … Ah, got it … EOS, Entrepreneurial Operating Systems. Sounds way more fascinating than the other EOSes, doesn’t it? (We couldn’t take a nearly hour-long podcast about lip balm).

EOS are essentially the Brussels sprouts of the business world: something that most of us hate but are somewhat necessary for a happy, healthy life. Our boys provide real-world examples from their own business experiences to illustrate how making the moves to have EOS in place now saves you from saying Sayonara to your smartest and savviest staffers.

The biggest time suck and issue of them all in this realm (Cue the Twilight Zone theme again … did the “Do do do do, Do do do do” sell that earlier?): meetings. That word can put more fear in your heart than being chased simultaneously by Jason Vorhees, Michael Meyers, the Predator, that murderous doll thing from Child’s Play and all the Freddies Krueger. But, meetings may actually be made to be more manageable and meaningful than you might think (and with far fewer horror movie villains).

How do you take your meets from mournful to magnificent? Well … y’all really ought to know the drill by this point. Turn on, tune in and get our terrific tips for yourselves. #TeamNoSpoilersForLife


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