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This week’s episode of The Overlap is gonna have a little Old Home Week flair to the festivities, as Friend of the Show Rick Miller returns with his business coaching acumen and skill to help us all learn to master our margins.

Now, Rick isn’t just a Friend of the Show – he’s also the very first sponsor of our program and he’s been a business coach to Sid for years and is currently coaching Keith (God be with him in that endeavor).

Now, back to how to make margin … first, you melt the solid vegetable oil and place it over a bowl of ice, whisking the oil over the ice until the mixture starts to thicken. Then, take your milk and … apologies for the technical difficulties; that was how to make margarine.

Margin is the space we don’t know we need until we don’t have it. Imagine if you will, a book with every single page completely filled with words, with no space at all between anything. You wouldn’t be able to decipher a bit of it and it would lead to chaos, would it not? Well, if it’s chaos there, then it stands to reason that same margin principle needs to apply to our own lives as well, as many of us are out there living in insane spaceless pages, going hour by hour and day by day filling ourselves up but not leaving that necessary space to breathe, reflect and process all that has gone on with us.

The Miller Margin Method (patent pending) also applies to how you structure your work day and work flow for your business. You can put in the 12-hour day that is culturally expected for small businesses and startups, but are all 12 of those hours truly effective? How many of those hours are actually effective for making progress in your business rather than dealing with the tyranny of the emergent and the urgent?

Coach Miller will lead us to victory this week in the Margin Bowl, so strap on your pads, throw on your jersey and let’s play ball with this week’s Overlap Podcast.



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Episode 28: Rick Miller: The Power of Coaching

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