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(Weird 80s synth music starts playing, disco diva Tina Fabrique starts singing)

“Butterfly in the sky… I can go twice as high… Take a look, it’s in a book… It’s…”

With apologies to LeVar Burton, sadly, it ain’t Reading Rainbow – it’s Another Overlap Podcast Book Review.

Today, our boys Sid and Keith will be talking through the book “Winning With Accountability,” which is the first book that Sid requires folks in his company to read if they would like to take a step up within the organization, as the book helped address issues he was seeing in real time with his business.

Years ago, he began to notice a communications gap in his company similar to what some of you may be seeing in your own companies.

You ask a coworker, “Hey, Fred, when are you gonna get that report done I need?” And Fred, as Freds throughout time immortal have always said and always will say (forever and ever, amen), “Oh, yep. I’m about to start that and I’ll get it to you as soon as possible.”

Tale as old as time, right? But though all the Freds are good and honorable people, that response gives no helpful information, nor does it give a timeline that can be used to hold Fred accountable. Hence today’s book review, to give us the tools we need to deal with the Freds in our lives … and, maybe, just maybe, along the journey, we’ll discover that (plot twist) the issue was the Fred within ourselves all along.

It’s all about setting goals and standards that have actual accountability factors that you and your people can be held to, as well as setting clear expectations and … #TeamNoSpoilers here, your free synopsis experience has ended. To learn more, you know what you have to do: tune in, turn it up and take it all down – this book review will be the best one you’ve encountered since you did that one back in the fifth grade about that Judy Blume book … not THAT Judy Blume book … the other one … Superfudge. Let’s just say Superfudge and be done.

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