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Who doesn’t love a free sample? That Paco Rabane scent stick included in your favorite magazine, the tiny package of Tide in the Valpak in your mail that is maybe enough detergent to wash a single sock, the random aromatic meat with sauce in the plastic shot glass being handed to you by the smiling Sample Lady at Sam’s Club … you don’t say no to any of them, especially the Sam’s Club Sample Lady because Patricia is just trying to bless your day with some Szechuan chicken bites.

This week, we return to our favorite show within the show with our favorite special guest host: it’s another edition of “The Best Of” for The Overlap Podcast with Son of Keith Austin Glines back, back, back again to take us through the best of the past episodes with our boys Sid and Keith.

In this third edition of “The Best Of,” we’ll be doing a deep dive into Dave Ramsey’s “Entreleadership,” as well as some classic conversations between our Overlap boys and our coterie of special guests about business integrity.

We’ll give you just enough of a taste with the clips you’ll hear this week that you know you’ll have to go straight to the full episodes to hear all the wisdom contained therein … just like you would with the Szechuan chicken bites you got from ol’ Patricia, since you know you went straight to the freezer section and grab a big ol’ bag of them after that little taste. Patricia should get a raise for all this chicken she’s selling through her push techniques. Maybe we need to have her come on the show … Patricia clearly has selling skills.

Y’all enjoy this week’s appetizer episode and Bon Appetit.


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