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Two truths and a lie about this week’s extra special guest: he’s distantly kin to Beyonce Knowles-Carter, he is in an “Earth Wind and Fire” cover band called “Dirt Breeze and Blaze” (in which he plays the triangle), and he’s a founding member of a secret society known only as the Distinguished Gentlemens’ Breakfast League. You think you might know which are which, but … we promise … you would be surprised.

For this week’s Overlap podcast, it’s a more jovial and jolly episode as our boys Sid and Keith sit down to jaw with an Eastern Shore legend: the Jocund Juggernaut of the Jubilee City – Hizzoner Robin LeJeune, Mayor of the City of Daphne and the Guru of Good Gumbo through his iconic family restaurant Market by the Bay (Seriously, in a post-apocalyptic world, this man’s gumbo could be the gold standard our End of the World currency is backed by).

The Honorable Mr. LeJeune’s story starts with computers, but the siren’s call of the seafood industry was too tempting not to take so he and his family went all in on buying and building up Market by the Bay … and then the BP Oil Spill happens. Like almost all of the Gulf Coast at that time, LeJeune and his business take some pretty major hits but he accentuates the positives, eliminates the negatives and he don’t mess with Mr. In-Between – until the Great Sign War of 2012. ‘Twas a dark time in Olde Towne Daphne, with political signs for an upcoming election populating faster than Tribbles on the Starship Enterprise and a then city government displaying the municipal governmental equivalent of bipolar disorder in how they were choosing to address it. Enter Robin LeJeune, the People’s Champion, who gathered together almost 100 members of the greater area business community to show how the city’s hard-lining rules could and were negatively affecting business.

And from those humble beginnings came the start of a political career that would lead to … #TeamNoSpoilers. Y’all knew it was coming, but, honestly, Hizzoner the Mayor is such an engaging and enlivening storyteller that you really do want to hear it from him while he hangs out with our boys. Business, politics, seafood, a gumbo recipe the staff here would literally murder their family for … a lagniappe of wisdom in this week’s episode for all y’all listeners. And ain’t nobody gonna judge you if you come back again for seconds.




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