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Have you heard this one? A guy gets to work and sees his boss pull up in an expensive new car with all the bells and whistles and he can’t help but admire it. He tells his boss that he would kill to be able to drive a car like that. His boss says, “Well, if you set realistic goals, work hard and stay determined … I can probably get an even better car next year.”(Ba dum tiss, or however you make the rimshot sound you hear after such a joke)

Not to worry, Friends of the Show – our boys Sid and Keith aren’t going to leave you in the parking lot staring at what you could have; they’re going gangbusters in this week’s Overlap Podcast to get behind you and guide your goals and make your future finer. This episode will be retrospective, introspective, inspective and prospective to give you some perspective for your respective goals.

Evaluation and course correction come included, free of charge. It’s all about seeing where we have been this year and figuring out how to get to where we want to go, so turn it on and tune in to this week’s Overlap Podcast.


Episode 39: Goal Setting

Episode 41: You’re a Leader

Episode 49: Winning with Accountability

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