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As COVID begins to become more endemic than pandemic and our economy starts to teeter back slowly to some new semblance of normal, there is something noticeable across every industry and category that continues to be a burden on our businesses. Folks may still be tumblin’ out of bed and stumblin’ to the kitchen, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot of pourin’ themselves a cup of ambition ’cause there don’t seem to be a lot of folks wanting to be on the job from 9 to 5… (with apologies to Saint Dolly for cribbing her lyrics). Workforce woes continue to cause business leaders to wail and weep, but not to worry – the Overlap Podcast won’t let you dream just to let them shatter because even Dabney Coleman can’t take them away.

This week, our boys Sid and Keith talk about the seemingly limitless lack of labor force that we continue to hear exists but maybe it ain’t necessarily so? It appears some businesses are having potential employees beat down their doors to get their applications in, so what is the catalyst for change that’s driving those workers wild? Short answer: it’s the Exceeding Expectations Game – employees expect even more than they have previously from potential employers and those businesses have to either be willing to adjust or be prepared to go bust. Sid gives us some real-life examples from his homegrown business, Sexton Lawn and Landscape, and Keith … contributes somehow, we’re sure. We’ll just go with a writ of #TeamNoSpoilers and move on, yeah?

Now, to truly get the extra most bestest out of this episode, be sure to have a go at last week’s episode featuring the amazing Andy Andrews, as there is clearly some … Overlap … between that episode and this one. Trust us, you want to get as much wisdom as you can these days – because “There’s a better life, and you think about it, don’t you?”


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