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It is a universal truth that everyone loves a comeback story – Hoosiers. Cool Runnings. Robert Downey Jr.’s career. That Kate Bush song about running and hills that was on the latest season of Stranger Things – we love to see everything come full circle. So, if Kate Bush can do it, why can’t you?

As we reach that mid-year check-in point, our boys Sid and Keith are available and able to advice and assist with attaining those goals we set at the beginning of the year that keep coming up again and again and again in this podcast – a life without goals is like a mule with a spinning wheel; no one knows how he got it and darn if he knows how to use it. So, will you be a nattering nabob of negativism and punt your goals to next year or will you rise to the challenge that lies before you and do the damn things that need to be done?

This week’s Overlap Podcast is all about running up that hill and getting you to gold medal in goal completion, so jump on board and join in with us. You never know – there might even be an inspirational montage moment for you, complete with a fitting yet not quite perfect off-the-wall music choice to go along with it (Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” comes to mind – don’t let that de-escalator keep you from finding that purple banana, listeners – shine bright, you crazy diamonds).

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