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To quote arguably the most famous piece of green felt on the entire planet, “It’s not easy bein’ green.” Now, we do not know if this week’s guest on The Overlap Podcast takes the words of former Muppet Show host Kermit the Frog as gospel like we do (because our hosts neglected to ask her views on Muppet philosophy), we know that, like Kermit, special guest star Christeen Era knows a lot about green and hard work … and she has to put up with our boys Sid and Keith not unlike Mr. The Frog has to deal with habitual balcony dwellers Waldorf and Statler.

Movin’ Right Along, Christeen’s bona fides are second to none. As the co-founder of the Green Profit Academy (GPA) and CEO of Core Growth Strategies, she has forgotten more about business than any of us would ever hope to know in four lifetimes and she has a slew of certifications that are a credit to her cleverness: Profit First Professional, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Fix This Next Advisor and Pumpkin Plan Strategist (the only Pumpkin Plan Keith know is the fastest way to eat a pumpkin pie). With her dual-wielding skills of consulting and coaching, Christeen is a champion of cash flow and company growth.

Through GPA, she uses her green thumb to grow lawn care and landscape businesses but the advice she shares with our boys this week is evergreen and ever-relevant to any and all businesses. The necessity of outside perspective and the criticality of coaching are just a few of the topics she’ll touch in this week’s episode, so … it’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to get things started on … The Overlap Podcast this week. (Just so we’re clear on this whole Muppet comparison thing, we all agree Keith is Gonzo, right?)

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