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What do Kit Kat bars, the late, great actress of stage and screen Nell Carter and our boy Keith all have in common? Nope, not diabetes … surprisingly. They all are tied to a phrase that is more mantra than marketing – “Gimme a Break.” (And, real talk, Nell singing the theme tune to that classic 80s sitcom – don’t sleep on it, ’cause it’s a bop … as is the Kit Kat jingle, if we’re being completely honest. Keith, though … seldom, if ever, a bop).

Yes, Keith has returned from the haunts of coot and hern where he was far from the madding crowd pulling a Henry David Thorreau on Walden Pond and the insights he brings back to share with his hetero life mate Sid actually produce some transcendental treasures about taking time off that are truly terrific for you and your team. Allowing authentic and intentional rest and relaxation and taking a vacation from your vocation gives you the wherewithal to find focus on what to fix in your business and personal lives. Our boys will share experiences and expert advice to show you that those 80s singing sirens The Go-Go’s had it right – “Vacation, all I ever wanted/ Vacation, had to get away/ Vacation, meant to be spent alone.”

This week’s episode of The Overlap Podcast will have you hankering for your own holiday, so turn it on, tune in and turn it up – and you’ll hopefully be finding yourself in your own personal equivalent of Kokomo, with that tropical drink melting in your hand to the rhythm of the steel drum band. Bon voyage, loyal listeners.

Music by: Phil J


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