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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “culture”? Androgynous pop star Boy George sing-asking if you really want to hurt him? The active ingredient in the yogurt that Jamie Lee Curtis shills for that makes you have to poop? The Canadian rapper who did the remix of Toto’s “Africa” back in the late ’00s? (If the third one really is the first thing that comes to your mind … how? And why?)

While all of those are solid answers, this week’s episode of The Overlap Podcast will focus on organizational culture at our businesses – a topic that is much discussed within the business community but one that lacks a cohesive collective understanding for almost everyone – culture can be sleuthy and difficult to find, not unlike a karma chameleon.

Our boys Sid and Keith will “Tumble 4 Ya” and discuss, dissect and disseminate the dilemma of defining and developing culture in an organization, including a top-notch example from Sid that you really have to listen to the episode to hear – and not just because we’re #TeamNoSpoilers. The dialogue and banter in this week’s offering is really just too good not to enjoy yourselves, even if our boys may fall short of fully being able to solve the Culture Conundrum in its entirety. But, to be fair, if they did, they wouldn’t be able to keep bringing you awesome content week after week, so maybe it’s for the best, right?

Tune in and turn it up on this week’s Overlap Podcast – and if we get over 50 shares across all of our social media sites this week, we’ll make Sid and/or Keith dress up in full makeup like the aforementioned Boy George of the famous band Culture Club. How’s that for a reward, you loyal friends of the show?

Music by: Phil J


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Sid Sexton

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