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(Cue the original “Star Trek” theme music)

What do “Star Trek” and your business have in common? Hopefully, it’s not that anyone in a red shirt will die on the job at some point … because our finger is already hovering over the dial to OSHA and possibly the local law enforcement folks if that’s the case…

No, your business and the Starship Enterprise both suffer from one key problem: how to hire outstanding employees. Seriously, the main cast on every episode was having to do all the things because the other crew members either don’t show up, get killed or are just so incredibly incompetent that you wish they had been killed. No wonder Scotty was always so flustered down there in Engineering…

So, unless you want to end up saying your vocation’s equivalent of Bones McCoy’s “Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor not a … (insert thing here),” you’re going to have to overcome the seemingly unsolvable Kobayashi Maru scenario of finding and hiring the right people to help you. Not to worry, loyal listeners, Captain Sid and Commander Keith have beamed onboard this week’s episode of the Overlap Podcast to help guide you home (and hopefully without having to pick up that blue whale like in one of the original movies … Star Trek IV maybe … or VI … one of the even numbered ones, because those are the only watchable ones).

Do you want you and your business to “Live long and prosper?” Then you better have your Communications Officer make sure you’re linked in to this week’s episode so you can succeed “where no man has gone before…”


Episode 61 Training 123:

episode 44 Building a Leadership Pipeline:

Episode 43 It’s not COVID’s Fault:

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