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Stop us if you’ve heard this one – a very rich man knows he’s about to die and is worried about leaving behind his wealth. So, he converts a large amount of his fortune into gold bars and has the executor of his will make sure that he has the gold bars inside two briefcases handcuffed to his body when he dies. The rich man dies, complete with cuffed briefcases of gold, and ascends to Heaven to meet St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Since most Heaven bound entrants don’t come with luggage, St. Peter had to ask the rich man what was in cases. The rich man opens them up and shows off the gold bars. St. Peter peers at them, smiles and says “Well, isn’t that nice? You brought road pavement. I’ll let the Highway Department know.”

You Can’t Take It With You – a motto about how material possession and wealth don’t come with us in death and a delightful comedy play/film from George Kaufman and Moss Hart you really ought to see some time. On this week’s The Overlap Podcast, our boys Sid and Keith are granting you the gift of their thought on generosity and giving. Staying stingy may put pennies in your pocket in the short-term but altruistic alms-giving can be a smart strategy that helps your business and helps make you a better all-around human being.

So, don’t be a Scrooge – tune in to this week’s episode and find out about what giving can do for you.

(Intro music by: Phil J)


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