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Before you listen to this episode, you NEED to listen to Episode 43: It’s Not COVID’S Fault Once you have listened to that episode then you are welcome to come back to this one. If you ignore me here, you are just going to hear Sid tell you to do the same thing.

Now that has been taken care of on to our show notes.

Guess who’s back? Back again. Nope, not Slim Shady … our boys Sid and Keith don’t have that kind of clout, but we do have one of the all-time greatest guests in Overlap Podcast history returning to remind us why he is the GOAT at Getting Business Done. That’s right – it’s the Monarch of Manpower, the Emperor of Employee Development, the Lord of Labor himself – Dr. Josh DuPlantis (roaring crowd noises and applause in background).

On this week’s episode, Dr. Josh schools our boys on bringing the best of the best to your business and continuing to build on that greatness through professional development and career advancement. We’re pulling out all the stops this week and bringing you the deepest of deep cut tips and tricks to make your talent pool truly transcendent – like looking beyond the traditional talent-seeking sources and engaging the full powers of social media and them worldwide Internet tubes to find the cream of the crop. And like Wagner’s Ring Cycle, it’s only going to get stronger, better and only vaguely more Teutonic.

Per our status as founding members of #TeamNoSpoilers, that’s all you’re getting this week from us because you truly must listen to this episode to gather every bit, bauble and bite of the wisdom and knowledge we’re serving up on this week’s Overlap Podcast.

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