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As those great American philosophers Peaches and Herb once said, “Reunited, and it feels so good,” and it does indeed feel good to be back again with Friend of the Pod and the Sultan of Sod, Justin Koen, Operating Partner of Sexton Lawn and Landscape Foley.

Our boys Sid and Keith will talk with Justin about the ups and downs of starting a venture, blazing that new trail through uncharted territory as you embody that great spirit of Manifest Destiny that lies within the heart of every true American… but you won’t end up screaming “54’ 40’ or Fight” at confused Canadians up in the Oregon Territory… probably.

No matter what your new thing might be, the Overlap Podcast has you covered this week, with our patented terrific tips and always amazing advice and analogies, so tune in and turn it up for this week’s Overlap.


Sexton Lawn & Landscape
Keith Glines
Sid Sexton

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