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Start walkin’, runnin’, leapin’ and all of the other action verbin’ (that would imply you were movin’ too quickly to remember your endin’ letter G) to the podcast purveyor of your choice to be the first one takin’ part in our new Overlap Podcast soon-to-be returnin’ series “Drivin’ and Cryin’,” where we will be explorin’ the various strugglin’ and triumphin’ of business owners just like you and yours.

In this week’s episode, our boys Sid and Keith find themselves meanderin’ through their favorite state for gettin’ away (Colorado, FYI) and start discussin’ how y’all business owners can be takin’ time off effectively by providin’ practical tips that can be used for betterin’ your business.

As our boys are makin’ their way through that picturesque Colorado scenery (that y’all won’t be seein’ on account of this bein’ an audio recordin’ podcast mostly), they go divin’ into why business owners have difficulty with takin’ time off and go explorin’ into the consequences of not prioritizin’ restin’ and relaxation. Whether it is the fear of missin’ out (that there FOMO everyone is always dreadin’) or not settin’ clear boundaries or a lack of delegatin’ tasks to others within your company, there’s a laundry list of reasons they’ll get goin’ into that’ll show why you and your business don’t seem to be thrivin’ nor jivin’.

So, we hope y’all will be joinin’ us for the inaugural episode of “Drivin’ and Cryin’,” especially since usin’ this many colloquial apostrophes may have our guy who does the podcast note makin’ be writin’ us a letter of … resignatin’? Y’all should be tunin’ in, turnin’ it up and takin’ every note of advice down because this week’s episode of the Overlap Podcast is definitely one worth listenin’ to.

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