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In 1986, singer-songwriter Sir Kenneth Loggins released an anthem celebrating what was, at that time, the most feared of all zones that we mere mortals might encounter on this earth: yes, that’s right – The Danger Zone. But, Sir Kenneth was not aware of an even more deadly zone that our boys Sid and Keith will elucidate on this week’s episode of The Overlap Podcast. (Also, real talk, you know who almost sang “Danger Zone” for the “Top Gun” soundtrack – Jefferson Starship. What could have been, right?)

Nope, not the Twilight Zone. Negatory – the Zone Defense, while quite the conundrum for many a coach to deal with, isn’t it either. Nor is it the elusive and rare Pizza Hut P’Zone, which is just a dumber version of a calzone.

No, dear listeners, it’s the dreaded Comfort Zone, the number one obstacle to achieving goals for you and your business and finding ways to grow.

Being in the routine rut and hanging on to habits you’ve clearly outlived the need for aren’t going to expand horizons for you or your business, so consider our boys and their personal experiences, practical tips and solid, stress-tested strategies to be your ground crew helping to guide you down the runway of right thinking that will help you and your business be able to take off and soar into the clouds of commerce.

So, rev up that engine, listen to her howlin’ roar and fly the friendly skies of combating the complacency of comfortable with this week’s Overlap Podcast.

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