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Admit it – you’ve been jonesing for some hella good EOS-centric content ever since we hit you with it back in the episodes of the mid-40s, haven’t you? We were wrong the the podcast notes then – the concept of EOS isn’t “the Brussels sprouts of the business world.” EOS is the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, the fox’s socks, the best thing since sliced bread … basically, it’s any absurdly positive moniker from the Flapper Era you can throw at it, likely pronounced with the Mid-Atlantic Accent, as was the fashion of the time … flo-do-di-oh.

On this week’s Overlap, our boys Sid and Keith discuss the Entrepreneurial Operating System (the all-powerful aforementioned EOS) and its core values that will be a catalyst for your company’s continued prosperity. Using anecdotal experiences from their own journeys through the Land of Business, they’ll break down the key factors for implementing EOS and improving your operations in a meaningful and realistic way. The six key components of EOS – vision, people, data, issues, processes and traction – are much like the individual robot parts that make up a Voltron or whatever the Power Rangers called their big robot thing … while each component is important individually on its own, with their powers combined, you and your business will be unstoppable.

So, tune in and turn up this week’s Overlap Podcast if you want to energize and expand your company’s capabilities to their fullest potentials.

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