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What comes to mind when you think of the word “grace” – is it saying the blessing before eating a meal? An early-2000s TV show character played by Debra Messing? The former princess of Monaco? While all of those answers aren’t incorrect, technically, the best right answer might simply be this – grace is giving yourself leeway to make mistakes without beating yourself up too much when bad becomes worse and success fails to setup.

Our boys Sid and Keith will run the gamut on giving yourself grace, from defining the concept to making sure you don’t let self-compassion become a vehicle for your Inner Saboteur to sneak in. And who better to give personal testimony on the subject of grace giving than Keith, a man who literally lives next to a body of water called Grace Lake – true story, no cap.

If you have trouble giving yourself grace, helping yourself heal and moving on from self-created mistakes… well, friend, this week’s episode is specially made for you, so tune in and turn up this week’s The Overlap Podcast.

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