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This week’s episode of the Overlap Podcast is one that you definitely won’t want to miss because you’re getting a heaping helping of content we know has worldwide appeal – from the 305 to the DMZ, it’s a special guest episode with Mr. Worldwide himself – rapper Pitbull … yeah, no definitely not that. Could you imagine, though? Sid and Keith talking business strategy with Pitbull… yeah… no.

However, this week’s Overlap, like Pitbull, does have a worldwide component this week – a recap of the 2023 EOS Worldwide Conference, complete with all the insights and experiences from entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry disrupters, EOS implementers and a score of other EOS VIPs. (Sadly not present, special guests Cousin Greg from HBO’s “Succession” and the sole surviving cast member from “Match Game ‘76” Fannie Flagg)

Our boys Sid and Keith will give you the highs, lows and middles from this great gathering of EOS’s best and brightest from Timbuktu to Walla Walla, Washington and from Hell, Minnesota to Djibouti, Djibouti (Our legal team has requested we mention that participants in the conference may not have been from any of these hilariously named locales, though they possibly maybe could have perhaps at one point been … or visited those sites … or been site adjacent).

So, once more into the EOS breach with this week’s Overlap Podcast, as we boldly go where we have gone … two, three, maybe four? … times before. Make it so, listeners.

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