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When you think of the word “principle,” what comes to mind? Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Princple? The Peter Principle? Bernoulli’s Principle? Seymour Skinner? (Maybe not that last one, unless you’re having these notes read to you and didn’t see the spelling…)

Well, for this week’s episode of the Overlap Podcast, our boy Sid takes us on a deep dive of the newest principle sensation sweeping the nation with vital information for your everyday life – The Proximity Principle. Sid will take author Ken Coleman’s self-coined Proximity Principle and its premise that in order to achieve goals in your career, you must surround yourself with the people who currently fill the roles to which you aspire. Or, to put it a different way from the Poet Laureate of East Baltimore, Proposition Joe from HBO’s “The Wire” – “Wear the part, be the part mother…”

Through the Proximity Principle, you set yourself up for better networking and mentorship opportunities that help you up the ladder, which then positions you to better help bring up the next generation to greatness.

And in these notes, we will also debut our latest contest – the Keith Principle Conundrum. To win our mystery grand prize, come up with what “The Keith Principle” would address and attempt to explain. If you win, you’ll get … The Mystery Box. Is it filled with doubloons? Pecans? Gwyneth Paltrow’s severed head? Who knows? It’s the Mystery Box… (trademark pending)

Tune in to this week’s episode to learn more details.

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