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What does this week’s episode have in common with Cher, Cyndi Lauper, the Reverend Al Green, French novelist Marcel Proust, and the ever-amazing Sir Huey Lewis? Well, other than all them having a Bacon Number of 2 (the number of steps that it takes to connect all of them to actor Kevin Bacon, per the website the Oracle of Bacon … yeah, real thing that exists) … they all know a quintessential truth about life, the universe and everything – time, and how we use it, is vitally important.

In this week’s Overlap Podcast, our boys Sid and Keith take a deep dive into a topic even the great Morris Day could never master – Time Management (save Jerome, of course – Morris and Jerome – BFF OGs). More than any other resource that you and your business have to have, time is finite and has to be treated like the rare and precious commodity it is because none of us have the ability to get it back once it is gone (barring someone owning a DeLorean with a functioning flux capacitor, the Doctor’s Tardis, a time turner, a rundown Colorado ski chalet hot tub short-circuited by a bootleg Soviet Bloc energy drink or some other sort of time travel device).

Our boys will take you through the tips, tricks and teachings they’ve taken in throughout their tour of life – predetermining priorities, getting real with realistic goals, defusing distractions… just to name a few, with their own astute anecdotes and intelligent insights. (Yes, even Keith … we’re just as shocked as you are, dear listeners.)

So, after this week’s episode, you may not be able to turn back time, but you’ll be a damn sight better at making sure that time … is on your side, yes, it is…

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