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[Background music: Inspirational orchestral score composed by Hans Zimmer]

[Enter: world-weary football coach into the locker room for the quintessential “talk”]

Coach (in a commanding and impassioned voice): Alright, listen up, team. It’s halftime, and it’s time for some serious introspection. This is The Overlap Podcast, where we gather to dissect the game of business and conquer the challenges that stand in our way. Let me tell you something about the time we find ourselves in, this time of mid-year reflection. It’s the perfect time to evaluate, to reevaluate, and to ignite the fire within.

[Assembled athletes clap in unison in agreement]

Coach: We’ve come too far to let complacency settle in. We need to dig deep, find that hunger, and unleash our potential because this … this is where the real champions rise to the occasion and conquer their world.

[Another agreement unison clap]

Coach: Now, I know we can count on our mainstays, our boys Sid and Keith to … Oh, Keith, my man … you bring so much to the table, but your opinions… they need a little fine-tuning. You’re like a quarterback with a slightly off-target throw, like if you tried to get … Don Knotts to play for the New England Patriots. However… we know that you have it within yourself to challenge yourself, push yourself, and turn those wobbly passes into game-winning touchdowns and do it in a way that will inspire and enliven us listeners all. We’re all in this together, and together we’ll conquer every obstacle in our path.

[Agreement unison clap, with Keith’s about a half second behind everyone else’s]

Coach: Now, let’s talk about our goals for the second half of this year. We’re going to dive deep into personal growth, resilience, and success strategies that will leave our competition in awe. We’ll tackle mindset, relationships, EOS, and everything in between. This is the moment we make a mark, where we define our legacy and show the world who we are.

[Unison slow clap starts, Keith still a half second behind each time]

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