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When you think of the overlap between business ownership and parenthood, what could possibly come to mind? Momager Supreme Kris Jenner? The OG Father/Manager Joe Jackson? Wire Hanger Hater and 51 percent owner of PepsiCo Joan “Mommie Dearest” Crawford? Probably not – we know we tend to be niche pop culturalists here in the Overlap Podcast writers’ room.

However, our boys Sid and Keith have us covered this week (and won’t even wake us up at 2 in the morning and hand us an axe to cut down the shrubberies outside) as they take a deep dive into the similarities and synergy that make up the shared circle portion of Venn diagram that is these two titans of life on this planet we call Earth.

Marvel in the meaning-making, enjoy the extrapolations and find peace in the parallels produced – this is a great episode of the Overlap Podcast that will definitely be a “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” and certainly won’t be a “Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte.”

Tune in and turn up this week’s episode … and don’t eff with us, dear listeners. This ain’t our first time at the rodeo…

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