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What is essential for the American presidency, the human digestive system and in every business? Answer: having a No. 2 you know you can rely on to be regular and solid.

Now that you’ve gotten over your initial reaction to a rather erudite poop joke – this week on the Overlap Podcast, our boys Sid and Keith aren’t just focused on a good No. 2. They’re wanting to help you learn to do one of the hardest things anyone anywhere has issues with – being able to actually and effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities. Without properly delegating and finding the trust to delegate to your employees and coworkers, you’re setting yourself up for a disaster of epic proportions.

Everyone everywhere, be you a brand new business owner or a wizened, long-time entrepreneur, will be able to find great value in this week’s episode so be sure to tune in yourself – this is not the episode to delegate out to someone else. It’s best heard and processed with your own two ears.

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