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Throughout the centuries, one question continues to be asked throughout time immortal, echoing through generation after generation as the millennia fly by while still never being adequately answered: “Who’s the King?”

Hard to answer, we know, given the plethora of Kings one could choose – Martin Luther King, Carole King, Don King, Gayle King, King Cotton, Nat King Cole, Rodney King, King Cole Gillette, Billie Jean King, King Arthur Flour, Regina King, Stephen King, King Koopa, the Kings of Comedy, and, naturally, King Ralph.

Alas, none of those are the one true King, but take heart, dear listeners, as our boys Sid and Keith have got the right answer, the simple cup of the carpenter that turns out to be the one True Grail – Cash. Money. Paper. Dolla Dolla Bills, y’all.

On this week’s Overlap Podcast, we get the Royal treatment on how the Money Monarch Myth can put you on the path to Full Fiscal Failure. Our boys will help get you to where you’ll be making stacks on stacks on stacks for your business with cash flow management tips and tricks – you’ll be graduating from it being All About the Benjamins to All About Them Clevelands, Son. (Just Google it. We’ll wait.)

So get ready to make them money moves on this week’s Overlap Podcast (and, seriously, find “King Ralph” streaming somewhere – it’s a freakin’ classic – Peter O’Toole and John MFing Goodman. That’s all you should need to know.)

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