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For this week’s Overlap Podcast, we ask a simple question: what do actor LeVar Burton, former First Ladies Barbara and Laura Bush, and Drag Queen Supreme RuPaul Andre Charles all have in common? Answer: they all know that “Reading is Fundamental.”

This week, our boys Sid and Keith discuss why everyone must make reading an intentional and regular practice if they want to be successful in business and in life. (And we learn that Keith can, in fact, read, which is the shocker of the year thus far as we had $20 on him being a functioning adult illiterate … and that, children, is “shade,” not “reading,” since “Shade is, I don’t have to tell you you’re ugly because you already know you’re ugly,” per the infamous Dorian Corey of “Paris is Burning” fame.)

So, peruse some pages as you enjoy this week’s episode  because the library is open, children.

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