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What do our boys Sid and Keith have in common with the documentary “Grizzly Man,” the Unabomber, Paul of Thebes and Transcendentalist writer Henry David Thorreau? Well, yes, facial hair, obviously … a general spirit of surlyness, yes, granted … okay, stop guessing … what we were hoping for in your answer was that they all found strength, comfort and well-being being far from the madding crowd out in the coots and hern of nature, specifically mountain nature. (And, thankfully, only one of them used that reflection time out in the boundaries of hither and yon to commit federal crimes … that we’re aware of, since you can’t really keep eyes on Keith 24-7, can you?)

In this week’s Overlap Podcast, our boys trade their normal jaunts about EOS into tales involving a different sort of EOS … Eating Off Sticks (hopefully over a fire, though we could easily see Keith eating raw hot dogs). Both Sid and Keith will tell you their own mountain tales and what the time on the mountain did for them and theirs, recounting stories and anecdotes that will make this episode the most important piece of mountain-based popular culture since 2005’s premiere of the groundbreaking film “Brokeback Mountain.” (Draw your own Sid and Keith/Brokeback Mountain comparison joke here, though you’re doing it wrong if the phrase “I wish I could quit you” isn’t part of it.)

This week’s Overlap is going straight to the mountaintop, so lace up your crampons, find your good walking stick and don’t forget the poop shovel – a journey of self-introspection, simplicity, togetherness, quiet solitude and a family of raccoons eating your giant bag of puffy Cheetos, much to your chagrin…

Links from Keith’s Trip

Trail Keith took up the mountain

Trail Keith took down the mountain

How to get a permit to camp on Mount LeConte

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