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This is normally where the writing staff tries to be cute and make some sort of weird pop culture reference that vaguely ties into the weekly subject for that podcast episode, but this week, honestly … the writing staff doesn’t know enough about Enneagrams to be able to do the usual spiel and spent thirty minutes kicking around ideas about telegrams, Bananagrams, Teddy Grahams … clearly, wouldn’t have been worthy of introducing a truly noteworthy episode of the Overlap Podcast.

This week, our boys Sid and Keith are joined by Enneagram Expert Kerry Flowers to learn how to utilize your inherent Enneagram power in order to bolster your business and enliven your leadership skills. Again, no jokes to be made here – this episode is one that really should be a standout one that you’ll probably return to again and again.

So, enjoy unraveling the Enneagram Enigma in this week’s episode … and join the writing staff in praying that the boys will do another EOS episode or clip show next week so we can get back to doing what we do best – snarky commentary about Keith.

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