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While the world of business and commerce likes to borrow phrases from and encourage references to the realm of war and battle when talking about itself, the stakes differ wildly between those two worlds, right? As much as you might want to call an upcoming board of directors meeting a long-awaited battle and as bad as it might possibly go, it’s still not going to be the Somme or Gallipoli (Though Keith’s continued campaign of battles against adult Illiteracy are somewhat equally painful to watch).

While the … Overlap … between the two worlds may not be as much as expected, this week’s episode will be one to bookmark and come back to again and again, as Army veteran Brad English shares his military experiences with our boys Sid and Keith and talks through the differences between military and civilian leadership, surviving truly life and death situations and the stress therein, and the development of skills like trust, communication and adaptability that every single one of us can engage with and enliven our own lives.

So, grab your little kit, show your grit and do your bit … by tuning in to this week’s Overlap podcast.

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