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Other than being a cracker-jack Scrabble word that utilizes some high-point tiles and stretches across some valuable board territory (Triple Word Score, baby), the word “optimization” is tough to deal with, define, understand or turn into a jokey, pop-culture laden opening paragraph for podcast notes, per our writing staff’s usual schtick here at The Overlap Podcast… especially when all the movies and TV shows with “optimization” listed as a subject are all either educational economics films, one episode of The Big Bang Theory and an upcoming documentary about former US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara (and nobody can make McNamara funny … Kissinger, sure. Al Haig, of course. But McNamara … hard pass).

So, as you may have surmised from the writing staff’s previous winding rant of a paragraph, this week our boys Sid and Keith will opine on optimization, in all its many facets, forms and functions – and it’s not just for business any more, listeners. Yes, our brand new Optimal Optimization Outline can do just about anything you want it to do – align your short and long-term goals, build business initiatives, prioritize your personal life, enliven your endeavors, make Julienne fries, and create up-to-date odds for who becomes the first Space Pope (we’re betting $5 on a thawed-out, re-alived Ted Williams at 27:1).

Well, it’ll do some of those things… probably… we hope. But, there’s only one way to find out, so tune in to this week’s Overlap Podcast to see what Optimization can really do for you.

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