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Admittedly, the writing staff was tempted to go a lot of different ways for the intro to this week’s episode, potentially riffing on former British Prime Minister and Thatcher successor John Major, the Charlie Sheen helmed baseball comedy “Major League,” an iconic song from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance in double-timed tempo or a literary analysis of Cole Porter’s showtune standard “Everytime We Say Goodbye.” In the end, we decided that due to a lack of consensus we would embark upon none of those nonsensical journeys and delve straight into this week’s episode – unlike us, we know, but “how strange the change from major to minor,” right?

Our boys Sid and Keith will do a deep dive into the best ways to optimize your opportunities, boost your business and maximize your money by helping you understand and unravel the finite differences between major and minor opportunities, which is more difficult than it may seem upon first glance. Oftentimes, a minor opportunity may appear in a major’s garb; likewise, a major get for your business may not seem to be so upon first glance, hence the need for constant vigilance on your part, dear listeners.

Our boys will draw from personal experiences they’ve had in their own business careers – the dizzying highs, terrifying lows and plateaus of mundanity that abound throughout. So, no matter if you’re selling cars, fixing air conditioners or composing timeless Broadway lyrical standards, you’ll be able to walk away from this week’s episode of the Overlap Podcast knowing to be able to tell the difference between what could be a barnburner for your business from what … would just be something that would burn down a barn … in the bad way … Mrs. O’Leary’s cow and the lantern kind of bad … just ask someone from Chicago to explain.

In this quick yet insightful episode of the Overlap Podcast, your hosts Sid Sexton and Keith Glines dive into the often perplexing world of opportunities. It’s a common misconception that every opportunity that comes your way is a golden ticket to success. In reality, not all opportunities are created equal, and some might even steer you away from your true path to success.

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