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The writing staff here at the Overlap Podcast got excited this week when saw the words “Mastering the Art Of” in the show summary because we assumed it was some sort of bizarro tribute to the late, great Julia Child and we had visions of Keith comically slicing off a few fingers while trying to demonstrate how to properly gratinee an onion. And while the writer’s room is sad that isn’t the case (though, logically, we should have known that a business podcast probably wouldn’t pivot to provincial French cooking … especially for a largely audio podcast), you dear listeners will be treated to a much more relevant and necessary Art to Master – Planning – using the terrific teachings of Keith Cunningham’s “Plan or Get Slaughtered” method (and don’t judge him because he shares a name with our Keith … he’s the good, smart Keith).

Risk assessment. Meticulous planning. Adaptive Strategies. EOS. (We assume that last one since they always somehow shoehorn it into every episode). All will be discussed, dissected and disseminated by our boys Sid and Keith as they take their talk from the rhetorical to the actual.

And an added bonus for this week … well, possibly a minus … you be the judge … you’ll be able to see our boys do this week’s episode via video recording (on YouTube only), broadcast in glorious Technicolor and Stereophonic sound. So, if you want to know what Keith and Sid actually look like (answer: Dollar Tree brand Kris Kristofferson and a thinner, balder Luciano Pavarotti), here’s your chance.

 So, bon appetit for this week’s Overlap Podcast … and we warned you about the video, so we aren’t liable for that now…

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