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Admittedly, the writer’s room was initially paralyzed with fear when we saw the title and topic of this week’s episode, as any combination of numbers and the letter X immediately triggers algebraic and geometric PTSD from years of math classes we were present for but had difficulty fully understanding. But once CCR’s “Fortunate Son” stopped playing in our heads and the internal red strobe lights stopped flickering, we were able to understand that most people will find this week’s Overlap Podcast to be one that is enlightening and empowering.

This week, our boys Sid and Keith take a deep dive into Dan Sullivan’s seminal text “10x is Easier than 2x,” which is sentiment true for everything except for the manufacturing of plus-size clothing and garments, as it is indeed more difficult to construct a 10-XL item than a 2-XL one. So, we’re sorry to the haberdashers listening this week – this may not be the best episode for you.

For you non-clothiers still reading, what Sullivan is asking us to aim for is the audacious – to propose the idea that shooting for the stars with a 10X growth mindset is actually easier and often more attainable than simply shooting for 2x growth. Our boys will give you personal anecdotes and examples for how the 10x mindset has been a godsend to their business lives so dare to dream and make a moonshot plan for you and your business as we head into this new year filled with endless possibilities.

So, get ready to intensify your intentions with greater integers by tuning in to this week’s Overlap Podcast … and to our garment industry listeners … keep calm and carry on … cutting? We got nothing.

Buy 10x is Easier than 2x by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy

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