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On this week’s Overlap Podcast, you lucky listeners get to be on the cutting edge of the birth of a bouncing baby business adage, one that will grow over time to join the ranks of the top-tier GOAT adages that we have all come to know, expect and love like “Think outside the box,” “shift the paradigm,” “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and even “My door is always open” … you heard it here first folks, the next great business adage is going to be “Never ruin an opportunity to be helpful.”

Our boys Sid and Keith will define, dissect and discuss the meaning, evolution and application of this new phrase amongst phrases and show you why this new adage is one that you do actually need to incorporate into your day-to-day business life. (And while we are here, stop saying “synergy” … and “guesstimate” … out here looking clown shoes with your nonsense babble words).

See, we just found a way to not ruin an opportunity to be helpful to y’all – so return the favor by checking out this week’s episode.

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