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Talent Maps. Impact Filters. Culture as a Guardrail. With phrases like these in store for this week’s episode, a set of scenarios could currently exist – renegade influencers have hijacked the podcast and turned it into a makeup tutorial, our boys have somehow managed to conjure up the ghost of Canadian philosopher and media theorist Marshall McLuhan for a rousing conversation, or we are getting a deep dive into the terrific tome “Who Not How” by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy. Which one is it? We’ll never tell…

Except it’s obviously the third one, as fun as watching the ghost of Marshall McLuhan tell Keith that he “knows nothing of my work” would be … maybe next month.

But this week, our boys Sid and Keith give you the tools of the trade that will allow you to do all of the -ations that you and your business truly need: motivation, visualization, innovation, emphasization, idealization and culturification… we think that last one is actually a word…

But, Writing Staff, what about that bit about culture and guardrails you mentioned at the beginning? Well, dear, dear, listeners… you ought to know by now that the only way you’ll get that explained is to tune in and turn up this week’s Overlap Podcast.

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